Microfluidic Automation

Do you have an existing microfluidic device that you find difficult to interface? Need help with automating the actions on your chips? We’ll help you with that! Our experience in microfluidic automation and our already-existing automation tools, software and hardware will have you running in no time! Contact us for more information.

Microfluidic Chip Design and Fabrication

Microfluidic Innovations has access to world-class capabilities for the design and fabrication of microfluidic devices. Our team is experienced in translating assay protocols into microfluidic devices.

If our PLoCs cannot readily perform your assay, talk to us and we’ll custom fabricate a chip for you! We follow a lean five-step process to deliver an automated chip that satisfies your requirement:

  1. Contact us with your requirements and specifications
  2. Custom-design a chip for testing
  3. Integrate chip into our platform
  4. Extend programmable interface with added functionality
  5. Deliver a semi-programmable, automated chip!