AssayMark System

AssayMark System

  • Control up to 36 microfluidic valves
  • Reduce contamination, dead volume and external dosing pump costs. Configure sets of 3 valves as on-chip peristaltic pumps
  • Plug and play with Microfluidic Innovations’ PLoC chips or configure to use with your own design
  • Simple plug-in manifolds connect to platform
  • Supports five voltage sensors (range 0 – 5 V)
  • PWM voltage control for heating

AssayMark Software


  • Easy to use programming language
  • Automatic volume management support
  • Contamination mitigation support
  • Uses the Microfluidic Innovations Instruction Set (MIST)
  • Automatic execution with real-time monitoring
  • Debug mode allows assay pause, resume and manual step advance
  • Speed control
  • Failsafe runtime will automatically disconnect pumps and heaters on failure
  • Manual mode allows individual valve, pump and sensor control
  • Manual authoring tool allows quick programming for short protocols
  • Coming soon – LabView plugin for GUI programming

Programmable Lab on a Chip – PLoC

PLoC in manifold

  • Multi-layered, highly integrated microfluidic device
  • Available in plastic (PMMA) and PDMS
  • Channel sizes of 300 um width x 20 um depth
  • 8 input/output reservoirs
  • 3 on-chip peristaltic pumps
  • Mixer, incubator and optical sensing window
  • Fits into plug and play manifold
  • Versions with fluid sensors and heating element available
  • Capillary electrophoresis and electrochemical detection versions coming soon