PLoC – Programmable Lab on a Chip

PLoC 2

The Programmable Lab on a Chip (PLoC) is a unique integration of microfluidic components all on the same chip, including channels, valves, pumps, mixers, incubators, metering units, and sensing windows. The PLoC features a patent-pending degassing feature, allowing bubble-free operation, and eliminating the need for an immiscible phase to fill the chip prior to operation.


PLoC Manifold

Simply plug in a PLoC into the manifold connected to the AssayMark controller, pipette in your samples, and hit run on the AssayMark software to start executing your assay!

  • Multi-layered, highly integrated microfluidic device
  • Available in plastic (PMMA) and PDMS
  • Channel sizes of 300 um width x 20 um depth
  • 8 input/output reservoirs
  • 3 on-chip peristaltic pumps
  • Mixer, incubator and optical sensing window
  • Fits into plug and play manifold
  • Versions with fluid sensors and heating element available
  • Capillary electrophoresis and electrochemical detection versions


Download the PLoC datasheet.