PDrop – Droplet Microfluidics

Droplet-based microfluidics offers a fast, simple, high-throughput method to run reactions at very small volumes. The AssayMark™ platform can be used with our new PDrop™ chips for complete control over reaction conditions:

  • Droplet volume (1-40 nL)
  • Droplet generation frequency
  • Droplet spacing in m™icrofluidic channel
  • Pause droplets in channel (for longer running assays that require longer mixing or incubation time or for imaging)*
  • Create sample gradients over droplets – full control over granularity of sample concentration over number of droplets*
  • Mix droplets
  • Incubate/ thermal-cycling

*Unique to the AssayMark Platform over existing droplet microfluidic systems

Example assays that could be performed using PDrop™:

  • High-throughput combinatorial screening (I): Low sample/reagent volume (1-10 nL), PK/PD studies, pharmacogenomics
  • High-throughput combinatorial screening (II): Test pair of drugs at varying concentration gradients for (synergistic) drug-drug interactions

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