Collaboration Opportunities

PipetteAs a research-oriented, technologically-driven company, Microfluidic Innovations realizes the value of contributions made by our academic collaborators. Our first collaborators turned into our first customers, and many of their input, feedback and contributions made it to our product lines! We are flexible with our collaborators, and we ensure we engage in a win-win model from day one. Some of our current collaborations include: Purdue University, Purdue Cancer Research Center, Indiana University and University of Minnesota.

We are continuously looking for collaborators with novel, state-of-the-art assays (yes, that is a hard requirement!) that could be enabled by microfluidics. Whether you need the lower volumes for scarce samples, faster execution time, higher specificity, or the power of automation offered by scaling down assays to microfluidics, we would like to hear about it. Contact us with a high-level outline of your requirements, and one of our team members will contact you to discuss it further.

We have a limited collaboration opportunity for high-throughput screening. If you are currently involved in these areas and would like to collaborate with Microfluidic Innovations, please contact us:

  • Novel immunoassays: Immunoassays that would benefit from reduced sample requirements and faster assay times. Fluorescence-based or other optical detection would be optimal at this stage.
  • High-throughput combinatorial screening (I): Low sample/reagent volume (1-10 nL), PK/PD studies, pharmacogenomics
  • High-throughput combinatorial screening (II): Test pair of drugs at varying concentration gradients for (synergistic) drug-drug interactions