AssayMark Controller

AssayMark FR

The AssayMark Platform is a powerful combination of the AssayMark software and AssayMark controller. The software provides a simple authoring tool for defining an assay protocol using simple instructions, such as mix, incubate, and sense. The software connects to the controller, and automatically runs the assay on the programmable microfluidic chip.


AssayMark Software

  • Easy to use programming language
  • Automatic volume management support
  • Contamination mitigation support
  • Uses the Microfluidic Innovations Instruction Set (MIST)
  • Automatic execution with real-time monitoring
  • Debug mode allows assay pause, resume and manual step advance
  • Speed control
  • Failsafe runtime will automatically disconnect pumps and heaters on failure
  • Manual mode allows individual valve, pump and sensor control
  • Manual authoring tool allows quick programming for short protocols
  • Coming soon – LabView plugin for GUI programming

AssayMark Controller

The AssayMark controller provides a simple way to control assay execution on our programmable microfluidic chips. Simply plug in the chip, load the program, and click run!

  • Control up to 40 microfluidic valves
  • Reduce contamination, dead volume and external dosing pump costs. Configure sets of 3 valves as on-chip peristaltic pumps
  • Plug and play with Microfluidic Innovations’ PLoC and PDrop chips or configure to use with your own design
  • Simple plug-in manifolds connect to platform
  • Supports five voltage sensors (range 0 – 5 V)*
  • PWM voltage control for heating*

*Select models


Download the AssayMark datasheet.